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The packaging is a fundamental part of the value chain of the food industry.

In Almafrut, over 4 decades, we have been dedicated to marketing and distribution in the field in eastern Andalusia – Almeria and what has made us one of the leading companies in the agriculture Assistant Industry.

We invite you to see our range of products and cone contact us if you need any clarification or details about the products.

If you wish to contact us and we will come to him.We work with leading brands in the industry and we have our own fleet ofdelivery to have the material needed. In our warehouse we maintain stock always ready to be served in 24 hours anywhere in the region.


Alveolos Carton

Molded pulp tray

The molded pulp tray are one of the most widely...

Separadores de papel impresos

Packaging & Alimentary paper

This kind of material is used in addition to packaging...

Bandeja de plastico Veripack

Plastic trays and baskets

The perfect packaging for small quantities or units of weight...



The strap is a tape used to seal the packaging...

Cantonera de Cartón

Angle cardboard

The angle cardboards provide protection and reinforcement to the...

flowpack film almeria almafrut

Plastic & Film

Flow pack, Second Skin, Shrink film, Film for heat sealing...

Detalle malla palet

Mesh bags

The mesh bags can be used in containers for packaging...

Corrugated packaging

One of the most popular products and what made us...

Carretillas elevadoras Toyota

Counterbalance Forklift

A counter balance forklift is a vehicle or bull on...

Transpaleta electrica 2

Pallet Truck

Pallet trucks are an indispensable basic equipment, the...